Stress makes the coronavirus worse

Stress makes the coronavirus worse

People who regularly experience stress are more likely to tolerate coronavirus. This is the conclusion reached by pulmonologists. They said that high workloads, nervous breakdowns and constant fatigue drain our immune system.

Saule Kasenova, Head of the Department of the Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases:

– People who work in an emergency mode have heavy workloads, their course of coronavirus infection is more severe, more protracted, and it is more difficult for them to get out of this state. Because stress drains the immune system. The body’s defenses are reduced and it becomes susceptible to coronavirus.

The virus is also more difficult for patients at risk. These include retirees, overweight people with diabetes, hypertensive patients, as well as heavy smokers. They are advised not to visit crowded places and wear masks: the coronavirus is transmitted through the air. In 80% of cases, it affects the lungs. Even if the patient has already had a dangerous disease, doctors recommend not to stop drinking vitamins and do breathing exercises. The recovery process can take at least three months.

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