Bali island in Indonesia will open for domestic tourism

Bali island in Indonesia will open for domestic tourism

The island of Bali will open to tourists from other provinces of Indonesia on July 31, while the issue of opening the island to foreigners is not clear, according to the online version of the Jakarta Post newspaper, citing the provincial administration.

The resort island will open its beaches, natural and historical and cultural sights to domestic tourists, but not bars and nightclubs, Bali Deputy Governor Tyokorda Oka Arta told reporters on Wednesday.

“Nightclubs are not yet allowed to open. Bali has many cultural and historical attractions to offer tourists,” said the island’s deputy chief of administration.
He also said that Bali hotels are ready to start receiving and servicing corporate events again: seminars, conferences and conventions.

Despite the fact that in terms of the phased relief of restrictions imposed on the island in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, which was developed by the Bali administration in conjunction with the central government of Indonesia, the opening of the island to foreign tourists is tentatively scheduled for September 11, the Deputy Governor of Bali expressed doubts about the fact that the opening of the resort for foreigners will take place on the scheduled date.

“We are still continuing to discuss this issue with the central government. We are also closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic abroad,” he said.
In Bali, since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,310 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered. Of the total number of COVID-19 patients on the island, 48 have died and 2,711 have fully recovered.

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